WOD: 8-17-13

Team WOD L1: For time:

100 Burpees with EMOTM =

5 Power Clean (95/65)

200 Double Unders with =

EMOTM 5 Front Squats (95/65)

30 min cap

No Double Unders = Kick Outs

Team Lullaby: For time:

100 Burpees with EMOTM =

5 Power Snatch (95/65)

Then 500 Double Unders with =

EMOTM 5 Overhead Squats

30 min cap


Thank your lucky stars…

Today’s workout load gets to be split with a partner.  If you take a good look at that monster of a workout, you quickly realize just how bad things can get.  Imagine doing this alone!!!  If you decide that you had a bit too much fun yesterday to come in today, I’d like to calm you qualms…we have done this beast before and we will definitely do it again.  My advice for you all will be to get your lifting/burpee’ing/jumping forks and knives ready.

The main course is here,



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